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Who are your partners?

Argus Energy Management, part of Ingenious Group, have committed to funding our LED lighting as a service projects. HSB Insurance, part of Munich Re, are the worlds leading reinsurers of engineering projects. We’ve covered everything because we want to make this process easy for our clients.

What is the catch?

We’ve been asked that before. There is no catch – but you don’t need to believe us. Check out our client testimonials. We see it like this, the savings from our technology are so good that we are willing to make the entire investment for a proportion of the cash savings generated by our LED …

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How do LUMENSTREAM get paid?

We are paid a monthly service fee. With our LED lighting as a service product, we are paid a proportion of the savings generated by the LED lights for 5 years. This fee is calculated and agreed in advance and is fixed for the duration of the 5-year service agreement, giving you greater control and …

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Why is this different to buying LEDs and installing them myself?

It’s all about the cost and the risk. Purchasing the LED lighting technology would involve putting up the capital and also taking on the risk of ownership. You would be responsible for the project management and installation of the LED lighting upgrade, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the equipment.


LUMENSTREAM are an Energy Services Company (ESCO) which helps businesses to reduce their energy consumption, cost and increase their cash flow. We achieve this by way of our LED lighting as a service product.


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