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procurement meme of sparta

8 of the Funniest Procurement Memes We Could Find

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At work it can sometimes feel lonely in our roles, especially when you are at the head of a department and decision-making falls on your shoulders. One way to combat that loneliness is by finding people online that can relate. Even better if they can say how you’re feeling through a hilarious meme.

In this post, we’ve chosen to amuse all you procurement professionals out there. You have a lot to contend with. Aside from supply chain chaos, there’s inaccurate quotes, bad communication, poor quality, rising costs… the list goes on. So here we’ve compiled a list of some light comic relief to let you know that you are not alone in this world and we get it.



#1 There’s more to it than the cheapest option

procurement meme about choosing vendors
Thanks to for this one

#2 That being said…

procurement meme about pitting vendors against each other
Try for more procurement related laughs

#3 Procurement have got the eye for detail

procurement meme showing how they have eye for detail
Posted on reddit

#4 Every department has their own goals, I suppose

procurement meme on how CFOs are always distracted by bottom line
Thanks again to

#5 Hopefully no-one ever actually asks this

procurement meme suggesting they can do anything

#6 Always remember ‘no’ is an option

procurement meme saying that they get lumped with everything
Thanks to

#7 And more of that vain

procurement meme of giving anything
Thanks to Logistics Supply Chain Memes on Facebook

#8 How often do you say this? Be honest

procurement meme of sparta strikes again


So remember no matter what you’re battling with today, there is a whole community of other procurement masters out there that know what you’re going through. Reach out, they might just make you laugh if nothing else.

If you liked these memes, follow us on LinkedIn and comment on which one was your favourite or send us any others you’ve come across. You may just help out a fellow procurer today.


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