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Energy efficiency needs to be viewed as the “first fuel” in your sustainability strategy. Think about it, why generate new energy if you are already running inefficiently?

We start your journey to zero emissions by making your business as efficient as it can be via our innovative business model – LED Lighting as Service.

Cut your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and improve working conditions for your staff with a fully funded, fully project managed LED upgrade by LUMENSTREAM.

Stage One Assess
Stage 2 Upgrade
Stage 3 Success

We conduct a data-driven assessment of your existing lighting infrastructure and consumption, enabling us to forecast potential energy and cash savings for your business.

Calculating how much energy and cash your business can save by switching your existing system to LED is very simple, there are four variables:

1.  The wattage of the fittings in place vs our replacement fittings;

2.  The hours that the fittings are on (now and in the future);

3.  Your unit rate of electricity;

4.  Reduction in maintenance costs from what you’re spending now to zero (£0) maintenance when you switch to LUMENSTREAM.

Our team will then crunch the numbers and submit a proposal to upgrade your lighting to LED for zero capital cost.

We upgrade your premises for absolutely no money down. Your building is brighter, safer and significantly more energy-efficient.

LUMENSTREAM is a proud member of the British Safety Council and our engineers work to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental compliance.

We specialise in upgrading large commercial/industrial facilities and understand the importance of working around your schedule, giving you the time to focus on business as usual.

As part of our service LUMENSTREAM remove and safely recycle your old lighting system in line with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. 

Following the project upgrade, you pay a fixed monthly service fee representing a fraction of the energy savings our technology creates for your business. Our Pay as you Save model allows you to generate increased net cash flow from day one.


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I would definitely recommend using LUMENSTREAM because of how professional the service has been from start to finish.

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