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By partnering with LUMENSTREAM, our clients have increased their lighting levels, improved productivity, and dramatically reduced their energy consumption and costs. Learn more about our clients’ journeys to net zero.
Rob Tattersall from Silcoms


“I’d 100% recommend LumenStream. The guys are fantastic at what they do, they’re experts in their field, and if you want to save money, LumenStream is the way to go.”


Marcus Wade from Wickes

There’s been a massive difference between the quality of lighting. There’s no dark spots anymore.”

Neil Savage from MDF Engineering

CIMC Group

Neil Savage from MDF Engineering

“The lighting results have been very good. LUMENSTREAM, right from the outset, communicated very openly with us and led us step by step through the process.”

Norman Emerson Group

Conor Jordan from NEG

“Everyone’s delighted with the project. LUMENSTREAM allowed us to move with speed and complete a project that was self-financing. It was a bit of a no-brainer.”

Conor Jordan from NEG

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