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We’re proud to be different and, unlike other LED lighting companies, LUMENSTREAM will fund your installation in return for a fraction of the savings our technology generates for your business.

  • We install LED lights for no upfront cost
  • It's the risk free alternative to buying
  • Reduces your carbon footprint (improves your bottom line)


Switching to LED lighting will save your business energy, time and money. What’s holding you back? Most companies prefer to invest their CapEx into what really matters – their core business. Setting aside capital to invest in depreciating assets is a false economy. And so, we created the solution.

We upgrade your facility to LED lighting, for zero CapEx. We get paid a fraction of the savings we generate for your business – as a service fee. Our innovative business model allows you to pay as you save. No money down, no financial risk, no project or maintenance headaches and CFOs really like our off-balance sheet Energy Savings Agreement.

Do the right thing for the planet and your bottom line. We have removed the barriers, so what’s holding you back?

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Norman Emerson Group

Norman Emerson Group is one of the UK & Ireland’s oldest and most trusted producers and suppliers of sand and aggregates – based on the shores of Lough Neagh and exporting globally.

As part of their wider strategy for energy efficiency, NEG signed up with LUMENSTREAM to obtain upgraded and maintained lighting.

500 lights were upgraded for zero capital cost resulting in energy savings of over 75%.

We Are Vertigo

We are Vertigo is Northern Ireland’s leading entertainment complex for all ages. Trampoline, Adventure, Ski & Spa.

The company wanted a new lighting system in order to cut lighting costs, eliminate maintenance issues and reduce their carbon footprint.

LUMENSTREAM fitted over 200 LED’s across the site.  As well as improved lighting, their lighting bill has dropped by 75%.

Belfast Indoor Bowls Club

Belfast Indoor Bowls Club is a local institution.  They wanted to improve their lighting levels and save on their energy bills.

BIBC signed up with LUMENSTREAM and transformed their facility via LED Lighting as a Service.

Our fully maintained programme has driven their lighting bill down by 70% at no capital cost.  All the while generating valuable cash savings for BIBC.

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