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FAQ Category: Financial

Why is this off-balance sheet?

It’s off balance sheet because we depreciate the LED lights on our balance sheet. At the end of the five-year term, we transfer title of the fully depreciated LED lights to our client. There are no hidden clauses or additional payments, full title merely transfers to our client, upon their written consent, and they continue …

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Is this financed lighting? Is this a lease?

This is not a lease, nor is it financed lighting. There are absolutely no interest charges embedded in our service fees and our offering is completely off-balance sheet for your company, so it won’t impact your financial covenants or borrowing capacity in the future.

Do LUMENSTREAM guarantee the energy savings?

We guarantee the wattage draw on our LED lights. We have no control over the future price of energy, our client’s operating hours or sunlight. However, energy efficiency technology will ensure the impact of ever rising energy costs on your business is reduced.

How do LUMENSTREAM calculate the monthly service fee?

The above explains how we calculate the savings generated, we then charge a monthly service fee, independent of the savings generated. It is a function of the cost of the LED, the project management, the cost of the installation, the maintenance guarantee and a margin for ourselves.


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