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Sustainability News Snapshot #6

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Innovation Fund Secures Sustainable Future for UK Seafood Sector

£7.6 million from the UK Seafood Innovation Fund has been awarded to 57 projects hoping to transform the future landscape of the UK seafood industry.

Sustainable future for UK fishing
Sustainable future for UK fishing

The UK seafood sector has experienced an influx of innovation, as the second round of projects funded by the UK Seafood Innovation Fund is underway. More than £3.3M was awarded during the latest round of funding from the UK government programme.

Each of the 26 projects has been awarded between £24,900 and £250,000 to support innovative ideas designed to improve the sustainability and resilience of the UK fishing, aquaculture, and seafood sectors.

‘We were overwhelmed with the number and diversity of applications we received to our second funding call. Through a highly competitive process, we have funded a brilliant group of innovative projects that we hope can make a significant contribution to the future sustainability, profitability and efficiency of the UK seafood sector,’ said Professor Fiona Lettice, Chair of the UK Seafood Innovation Fund Steering Group and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of East Anglia.

A+ for Acer in ESG Drive

Taiwanese tech giant Acer announced that it has joined the RE100 initiative and also shared a pledge to achieve 100% renewable energy use by the year 2035.

Acer HQ
Acer HQ in New Taipei City, Taiwan

In addition, Acer declared its mission to help tackle environmental challenges with its Earthion platform that unites the strengths of its employees and supply chain partners and expands the circle of the impact of its sustainability efforts.

Acer has long been committed to enhancing energy efficiency and setting a new source of renewable energy for all of its energy use by 2035.  Acer also announced that it had joined RE100, a global corporate renewable energy initiative that brings together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

Acer decided to take its environmental commitments further with Earthion, a platform that combines the strengths of the company, its supply chain partners, consumers (channels) and their employees.

Earthion is a blend of the words “Earth + Mission” and is the name Acer has created to represent its mission to help tackle environmental challenges through innovative and integrated solutions.

The driving force behind Earthion is each member’s belief that its mutual collaboration can positively impact the environment.

Today, the company has a clear goal of utilising clean energy and sustainable materials, culminating in a concerted effort with its suppliers and partners to build its Earthion platform, starting with the Aspire Vero, a sustainability-focused notebook.

Global sustainability indices have recognised Acer’s transparent reporting efforts and the company has won industry accolades for ESG performance.

In 2020, Acer was listed on three global sustainability indices: the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Emerging Markets Index for the seventh consecutive year, the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes with an “AA” rating, and the FTSE4Good Emerging Index for the fifth year.

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UK & India Collaborating on Green Hydrogen Tech

India and the UK will strengthen their partnership on climate change to reduce carbon emissions by the end of the current decade; this will deepen the collaboration on green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen
What is Green Hydrogen?

In collaborating on green hydrogen, the two nations will both support each other by sharing helpful knowledge on the carbon-neutral fuel source, policy and regulation cooperation in addition to research and innovation.

This will help both nations expand their current hydrogen operations, helping to promote new technologies, policies, and investment opportunities to boost the hydrogen economy and infrastructure.

As well as this, the partnership will look into low-cost climate-appropriate technologies in clean energy, clean transport and e-mobility, sustainable finance, green businesses and industrial decarbonisation.

It is expected through this that several hydrogen technologies could be pursued with its vital environmental factors, such as fuel cell vehicles, to reduce carbon emissions on the roads.

Tune in next week for another round of sustainability news from around the globe.
LUMENSTREAM CEO | Alistair Brown
LUMENSTREAM CEO | Alistair Brown


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