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Sustainable Christmas gifts wrapped

Sustainability Snapshot: Christmas Special

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Lumenstream is committed to helping the world say yes to a sustainable future. That’s why, biweekly, we like to share the positive steps other businesses and countries are taking to have less of a footprint on the planet. In this week’s Christmas Special we focus on where you might be able to make your Christmas shopping more sustainable.

Be Sustainable with Second-Fashion

Both found online, Haru and Vinted focus their sustainability fight on fashion.

Haru is based right here in Belfast. It was set up by Jacques Hill and Sam Lynas who ultimately wanted to make the fashion space more environmentally friendly. Couple this with charity shops being very popular places to shop in Northern Ireland for second-hand clothes but no way for them to sell their hidden gems online, Jacques and Sam knew they could help. Their online platform displays top-quality clothing from any of the 115 charities they partner with. When they sell the items, the money goes to the charity. You can find designer brands, vintage pieces and search according to what you’re looking for. Their business model helps the environment, the charities, and the consumer- a triple whammy of goodness. The name Haru standing for ‘Help And ReUse’ makes sense now.

Vinted is Lithuania’s first ever unicorn company and is Europe’s biggest app when it comes to individuals buying and selling their unwanted clothes. Recently, people have been using it to buy their kids Christmas jumpers for £2. Preferable to spending £20 on a new one that they won’t fit the following year. Vinted want to make “second-hand fashion the first choice” and it seems younger generations are heading that way with most Vinted users being between 18 and 39. You can also shop on their website or app for homeware, entertainment and pet care items. Worth a look to get those gifts on Christmas Day from pre-loved to loved.


Christmas Shop by Your Values with Wearth

Founders Imogen and Ed couldn’t easily find everyday products that aligned with their values. So, they started Wearth in 2017. Their online store brings together products from 250 independent UK brands all with the ethos of shopping and living more consciously. This means you don’t need to forgo all those usual Christmas gifts like pyjamas or pampering sets. At Wearth you can find it all, sorted and aligned with your own values. Maybe the person you drew for Secret Santa is vegan and you need to make sure your gift has never been tested on animals. Just use Wearth’s drop-down menu to filter for vegan friendly items and you’re halfway there. Covering clothes, jewellery, homeware, beauty products, and more, you’re bound to find something for everyone at Wearth.


Of course, Christmas isn’t all about buying things for each other. But if we are giving gifts, then there are some fantastic places you can go to get sustainable options without breaking the bank.


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