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Sustainability News Snapshot #17

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Lumenstream is committed to helping the world say yes to a sustainable future. That’s why, biweekly, we like to share the positive steps other businesses and countries are taking to have less of a footprint on the planet. 

We think that’s news worth spreading. 

Luckily, a lot of people are fighting the good fight.

Here are our handpicked stories from the last couple of weeks.

Waste not, Want not

There’s room for improvement in all businesses when it comes to sustainability and the cider business is no different. Hawkes, ‘London’s Urban Cidery’, has an annual Apple Donation drive where it invites people to donate any apples that are going to waste. It could be apples that are falling from a tree in your garden that you don’t use, or apples you bought that you don’t like the look of. Either way, they’ll take them and turn them into cider. Better yet, if you donate more than 3kg of apples, they will give you a free cider. The apple harvest campaign may not seem like a big deal until you read that an estimated 2.5million apples go to waste in the UK every day, making them the most wasted fruit here!

The drive is running for 6 weeks up until 18th October. If you are not London based, that’s ok too as you can send your apples to them. Visit their website to find out how you can donate your unwanted apples.

Offset or Cut?

Easyjet has decided to scrap its carbon offsetting plans which have been in place since 2019. They are now putting their efforts into cutting down their carbon emissions in the first place by using more sustainable fuel, efficient aircraft and making improvements to their operations. Specifically they have a target of 78% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Although carbon offsetting schemes can be beneficial, this is definitely a positive step forward for Easyjet and its environmental impact. Everyone’s targets should be based on lowering energy use, reducing emissions, and cutting waste, rather than trying to uphold unsustainable habits.

Munich Re Joins Others in Refusing Support for Fossil Fuel Companies

Although behind Swiss Re, Hannover Re, and Allianz, Munich Re has officially stated that it will no longer support companies that do not have a ‘credible commitment’ to environmental targets.

Pressure had long been mounting on Munich Re, the world’s #1 reinsurer, to do something with impact and set a strong example for other insurance companies to stand up against fossil fuel projects. Their new policy, however, is still drawing criticism. It doesn’t go as far as to exclude gas in midstream or downstream projects meaning there could potentially still be long term cover and reliance on gas.

Still, any move to put pressure on the fossil fuel industry to invest in more sustainable fuels is good news.


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