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LUMENSTREAM are an award-winning CleanTech company that helps businesses to reduce their energy consumption, cost and increase their cash flow.

We achieve this by way of our LED lighting as a service product.

Many businesses do not have the money or time to upgrade to LED lighting technology. They are fully invested in running their business.

That’s where we come in and offer them LED lighting as a service.

To break it down simply, we will carry out all aspects of your LED lighting upgrade project – the upfront cost, the project management, the installation of the LEDs, and the ongoing maintenance of the LED light fittings for 5 years.

As well as a fully upgraded premises, we deliver our clients an immediate increase in cash flow and we are paid a proportion of these cash savings. At the end of the 5 years our clients own the LED lights and keep all the savings.

Every aspect of your LED lighting upgrade from the product to the replacement of fittings.

We make all the capital investment for your business, we project manage the installation and we even maintain the lighting for 5 years.

Apart from providing us with simple information and meeting with us, our clients don’t have to invest any time or money into their LED lighting upgrade. And they also get to enjoy fully serviced LED lights for the duration of the term.

One call to us about a failed LED fitting and we come out and replace it with a completely new fitting.

Our service gives our clients time to focus on their own business as well as enjoy increased cash flow and improved lighting.

It’s all about the cost and the risk.

Purchasing the LED lighting technology would involve putting up the capital and also taking on the risk of ownership.

You would be responsible for the project management and installation of the LED lighting upgrade, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

We are paid a monthly service fee.

With our LED lighting as a service product, we are paid a proportion of the savings generated by the LED lights for 5 years. This fee is calculated and agreed in advance and is fixed for the duration of the 5-year service agreement, giving you greater control and surety over your energy costs in the medium term.

It is calculated on a project by project basis and is determined by the number and type of LED lights installed, the project management, the installation, the maintenance, the Munich Re insurance and our margins.

We’ve been asked that before.

There is no catch – but you don’t need to believe us. Check out our client testimonials.

We see it like this, the savings from our technology are so good that we are willing to make the entire investment for a proportion of the cash savings generated by our LED lighting technology.

LUMENSTREAM work with Aquila Capital, one of Europes largest renewable energy infrastructure investment and asset managers.

HSB Insurance, part of Munich Re, are the worlds leading reinsurers of engineering projects.

We’ve covered everything because we want to make this process easy for our clients.

Munich Re reinsure our LED lighting as a service product as well as our clients.

This is not a warranty and there are no secret exclusions. The insurance provides a ‘zero quibble’ approach to replacing faulty lighting fixtures.

If there is an issue with a LUMENSTREAM LED light-fitting, we will visit your premises and replace it – it’s as simple as that.

No, this is money you are already spending on your energy bill.

The natural thing to do is add up the 60 payments for our LED lighting as a service product to get the total cost across the 5 years – we will highlight this cost to you in our client proposal.

But this is not ‘new money’ – it is a proportion of your current operating expenditure. This is money you’re already spending now.

Today you have one energy bill – with LUMENSTREAM, you will have LED lighting technology operating to reduce your energy bill, a LUMENSTREAM service fee, and an increase in cash flow.

Because this is your single opportunity to have an LED lighting project pay for itself.

This is the only time that a major infrastructural project on your premises will be paid for from the savings generated. The fact is, the next time you carry out a lighting upgrade, the savings will not cover the cost of the project.

We believe businesses have better things to do with their capital – hire staff, purchase equipment to improve productivity, design a new product – we’re sure you can think of a few.

As well as that, we make everything easy. Instead of having to shop around, negotiate with contractors, project manage a team of electricians on site and then maintain the LED fittings, we will do that for you.

Use your time and money to grow your business, we’ll take care of your lighting.

With the data that you give us.

For an LED lighting as a service project – the number and wattage of the LED fittings, the operating hours and the unit rate you’re being charged for electricity are used to calculate the savings you can expect.

The above explains how we calculate the savings generated, we then charge a monthly service fee, independent of the savings generated.

It is a function of the cost of the LED, the project management, the cost of the installation, the maintenance guarantee and a margin for ourselves.

We guarantee the wattage draw on our LED lights.

We have no control over the future price of energy, our client’s operating hours or sunlight.

However, energy efficiency technology will ensure the impact of ever rising energy costs on your business is reduced.

This is not a lease, nor is it financed lighting. There are absolutely no interest charges embedded in our service fees and our offering is completely off-balance sheet for your company, so it won’t impact your financial covenants or borrowing capacity in the future.

It’s off balance sheet because we depreciate the LED lights on our balance sheet.

At the end of the five-year term, we transfer title of the fully depreciated LED lights to our client.

There are no hidden clauses or additional payments, full title merely transfers to our client, upon their written consent, and they continue to enjoy the savings generated by the LUMENSTREAM technology.

Because LED lighting is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of energy savings.

LEDs save around up to 80% on energy consumption and energy costs and are also more durable and long lasting than traditional lighting.

The hurdle which existed to date for many businesses is that good quality LEDs are still very expensive – and these businesses also have better things to invest their money in than a depreciating asset.

Our LUMENSTREAM – LED lighting as a service product has solved this hurdle and we now deliver LED upgrades for no capital cost or risk, while also delivering cash savings.

We manufacture our LEDs.

Many LED lighting suppliers, selling LED lighting upgrades, use cheap and often unreliable sources for procuring their LED lighting technology.

However, because we guarantee to maintain our equipment as part of our service agreement, it is only sustainable to use fully tested and certified technology which will cause no issues for LUMENSTREAM or our clients.

We can provide full technical specifications and independent testing certificates upon request.

All of our products are ENEC or CE & RoHS certified.

Yes, we have LED installations around the country and a viewing or reference call can be organised.

From signing up to our LED lighting as a service product to the start of the LED installation will take typically 8 weeks.

When the client signs our Agreement, we then order the product required for that particular site.

During the 8-week period we install samples to ensure our clients are happy with the fittings and lux levels. We also carry out a pre-installation survey and agree a project management plan.

While we can carry out LED projects in a shorter time frame if required, this gives everyone time to plan the installation and ensure there will be no disruption to business operations on site.

We use and recommend a number of highly skilled contractors.

These are our preferred partners but we are happy to discuss using an electrician of your choice if they are fully insured and certified.

You call LUMENSTREAM and we will come and replace the LED light.

Under our no quibble warranty we replace the faulty equipment with no questions asked and no arguments about the cause of the failure.

If we fail to replace the fitting within 30 days, our client can pause payment.

Our clients.

We transfer full title of the LED lighting to our clients at the end of the five years.

There are no buy-out clauses or hidden charges – the ownership title simply transfers from LUMENSTREAM to our client.

We are happy to continue to maintain and replace the LED fittings at the end of the initial agreement term.

We agree an ongoing maintenance fee with our clients for a term of their choice.

The fee is a fraction of the previous monthly fee and is calculated on a project by project basis.


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