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It's simple - The potential energy and cash savings, from upgrading to LED lighting, are so lucrative that you do not need to pay for the upgrade to begin with.

Our business is all about collaborating with you to bring down carbon emissions together.  Therefore, if our LED lighting solutions can create such significant energy savings to your business, that would generate enough cash flow for us both to share, then we would like to work with you.

We want to invest, supply, install and maintain a LED lighting upgrade for your business at no upfront cost.  Then, once you are saving up to 80% on your lighting bill, you pay us a fraction of those savings as our monthly service charge.

Our "Pay as you Save" business model means that, not only do you benefit from a LED light upgrade at no upfront cost, you can bank the monthly savings that come with it.

We make your life easy

LUMENSTREAM will procure, invest, install and maintain your LED upgrade project from day 1

Why spend your own time and money on an LED lighting upgrade?

Focus on running your business let us take care of your lighting.

Quantifying your lighting energy

If we can generate significant savings at your facility, to merit our investment, we will provide you with a LED lighting upgrade at zero upfront cost.

But how do we quantify your lighting energy usage and create projected savings?

It's actually quite simple.  We base it upon 4 variable factors:

#1 - The wattage of your existing light fittings vs our LED replacement

#2 - The hours, today and in the future, that you are using your lighting

#3 - Your unit rate of electricity

#4 - Your reduction in maintenance fees from today to zero, when you switch to LUMENSTREAM

Our service agreement

We like our business to be simple and straightforward and that is reflected in your service agreement contract with our associates Argus Energy Management.

Please note, there is no financing involved in our service.  This is a an off balance sheet transaction, as you will not be paying interest or receiving credit on a product that comes without upfront cost.  Quite simply, you pay us a share of the energy savings that our LED lighting generates at your facility, by way of a service fee.

The LED lighting will remain the property of Argus Energy Management, for the duration of the service agreement, and therefore its value will depreciate on their balance book and not yours.

At the end of the service agreement we transfer the ownership of the LED lighting over to you.  No hidden costs or agenda, just a simple transfer of ownership.

You will then benefit from 100% of the energy savings generated by the LED lighting.  However, should you wish for us to maintain the lighting for you, we can offer an ongoing service fee but for a fraction of the original value.

Remember all of our projects are underwritten, with an energy efficiency insurance policy, by Munich Reinsurance.  If one of our lights breaks down we will fix it and if not, you can stop paying us, it's in the contract.

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