Client Journey:

Sliderobes Group

Project Breakdown

Spanning 9 locations across the UK, Sliderobes started in the fitted wardrobe business in 1983 and became early leaders in quality sliding doors wardrobes throughout the UK. A higher level of colour rendition was needed for their workshops to create an improved working environment where joiners could clearly identify colours of materials with ease. Our LED Lighting as a Service offering enabled Sliderobes to upgrade their entire lighting infrastructure for zero capital outlay and generates a 78% saving on their previous annual lighting costs.


LED Fittings Installed


Increased Energy Efficiency


Energy Savings Annually


CO2 Emissions Saved Annually


Gallons of Petrol Consumption


Pounds of Coal Burning

“LED lighting is a no-brainer. There’s typically an upfront cost and this gets rid of that. LUMENSTREAM provided a simple explanation of their business model and did what they said. They were clean, simple, and transparent. This model was really important to us as the cash, that we would have had to spend, was used much more productively on other things in the business.”
Paul Rothwell, CEO – Sliderobes Group



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